Friday, 5 October 2007

The Meaning of Life

Why are we here ? Why were we born ? Is there a purpose to everything ? In short what is the meaning of life ? This question has puzzled philosophers and religious thinkers for milennium . In this post I will give my explanation .
The Meaning of Life is LIFE . Nothing more , nothing less . The main function of Life is to be . In fact , it can't be anything else . Wherever you go , whatever you do you are alive . Wherever you look in the universe you will find life - even the coldest planets and the darkest reaches of space are alive . Even , when you see a dead animal or person it is alive . To our eyes , it seems very different but when you observe any object be they alive or dead they are actually full of gases , molecules , particles and atoms at what scientists describe as the quantum level . In truth , dead objects are still alive but changing form . Even when you 'die' , your atoms one day will help form another living object .
Actually , when you look at the universe everything seems to have a purpose , except for one important component . The tides come in and go out - the Moon goes around the Earth - ice ages come and go - asteroids hurtle around the sun . Even everyday household objects have a purpose . Your television , your bed , your oven , your lighting -they all have purpose . If you observe animals , they seem to know exactly what they are doing all the time , from the lowliest amoeba up to the most intelligent ' higher ' animals , such as dolphins , whales , or members of the ape family . Even clouds , seem to know where to go and what to do . As I mentioned earlier everything seems to have a purpose except for one component - that component is the Human race.
I doubt that there has never been a human being who has not thought to themselves Why am I here ? Some people convince themselves that their employment or their hobby or their children are the purpose to their lives . Others are brilliant writers or artists or politicians and say that was the reason that they were born . Previously I said that everything seems to have a purpose . That purpose is LIFE . We are the same - however we seem to think that our purpose is to do . The universe is not concerned what we do , but that we live . Life is all there is and it is our meaning !

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