Saturday, 6 December 2008

The Ghost in the Machine

Recently , I have seen a common thread in ' spiritual ' blogs and websites wondering when ' we will get there ' . Many are getting very excited about 2012 due to the Mayan prophecy , which specifies that date as the end of a cycle after which there appear to be no further details . Some have said that this is when the ' End of the World ' will be and others are hoping that at this time there will be a form of spiritual ascension . I do not know what will happen tomorrow let alone in 2012 so I do not feel able to pass any form of judgement on this , but Time is very different in reality to how we experience it in our lives .

Arthur Koestler wrote a famous book called The Ghost in the Machine in which he pondered on human existence . I now quote from Wikipedia : " One of the book's central concepts is that as the human brain has grown it has built upon earlier , more primitive brain structures and that these are the ghost in the machine of the title . Koestler's theory is that at times these structures can overpower logic and are responsible for hate , anger and other such impulses ." This is true but what I would add to this is that our emotions are actually ghosts . They do not exist any more . They are replaying a moment in time when we had a thought of a world which was full of death , hate , anger , guilt and fear and the rest but this one thought has kept on repeating itself over who knows how long .It is like an addiction which we simply keep on doing again and again .It was only an idea and as such does not exist in concrete reality , but for some reason we are unwilling to let it go . The world is over NOW – it only exists in the past and as the past does not exist any more, our world doesn't either . It is only in our Mind does it continue.

Everything that we experience through our bodies is second hand . When you look at yourself or anything , it takes but an instant for the light waves to be received by your brain . Again this goes for your thoughts and feelings which are decoded in the brain , but in this instant is the difference between the real world and the world we see . For everything you sense in the body is in the past and therefore does not exist any more and has never been . I once worked for a company that sold semi precious stones and we had a few customers who said that they could release souls who were dead but were trapped in the earthly plane and send them to the light . I do not know whether this is true or not , but it is actually us who are dead . Our bodies , mind and feelings are no more – we are ghosts haunting an imaginary world .

We are ' there ' now . The world we see through our egoic mind is dead and it is only with spiritual vision will we be able to see the real world and it is this which the current spiritual bombardment is trying to achieve . It can be quite a form of relief after seeing something like the recent terrorist events in Mumbai to realise that it is not happening . So when will we get there in linear time . Will it be 2012 or 6012 ?. The answer is that it does not matter – the world of separation , death ,hate , fear and guilt is over . The outcome is assured but it is up to us when we accept that our egotistical mind and bodies are dead and amend our vision accordingly.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Second Life

In recent years there has been an explosion in 3-D virtual world reality games played on the computer . I quote from the website of one the most popular games Second Life :

        ' Second Life is a 3-D virtual world created by its Residents . Since opening to the public in 2003 , it has grown explosively and today is inhabited by millions of Residents from around the globe .

        From the moment you enter the world you'll discover a vast digital continent , teeming with people , entertainment , experiences and opportunity .Once you've explored a bit , perhaps you'll find a perfect parcel of land to build your house or business.

        You'll also be surrounded by the Creations of your fellow Residents . Because residents retain intellectual property rights in their digital creations , they can buy , sell and trade with other Residents.

        The marketplace currently supports millions of dollars in monthly transactions . This commerce is handled with the inworld unit of trade , the Linden dollar , which can be converted to US dollars at several thriving online dollar exchanges . '

        There was a news report a few weeks back about a couple , Amy and David Taylor who had divorced because of Mr Taylor's adultery with another player in the virtual game . This had not actually happened in real life but Mrs Taylor considered it enough grounds for divorce . In effect she believed that Second Life was real . Their story was on the television and in the newspapers and everyone had a good laugh at them . The problem with this attitude is that if they were stupid to believe in the reality of Second Life , then the whole of the World is just as stupid . Because nothing we see in this world is real – it is only imagined . We are at the controls of a game and have convinced ourselves that this is ' Real Life ' . There is no physical matter .In reality everything is non material and it is our addiction to the physical world that keeps it going and it is only through our Minds do we see what we see . We are not suffering or in pain of any kind unless we think so .

Sunday, 9 November 2008

The New World Order

There are a large number of people who believe that there is a world wide conspiracy to create a World government , whose aim is to enslave the global population and create a world similar to Nazi Germany or Stalinist government .In many ways I would agree with this as there appears to be a growing tendency to centralise power far away from the individual with such organisations as the European Union and global corporations who are answerable to no one and can move from one country to another at a moments notice . There is a definite tendency for governments , all over the world , to behave in a more dictatorial way treating their own peoples with suspicion and in some countries as the enemy . The surveillance culture , with the huge number of cameras we now see , and increasing legal powers to spy on e mails and telephone calls are an indication of this paranoid state of mind .

The only real difference I have with the ' conspiracy theorists ' is my belief that the World government has always been with us and that we are only now beginning to see the real picture . A government mind- set has existed since the beginning of this world , with the first example being Moses and the Ten Commandments . In much the same way that we have personal egos , telling us what to do and how to live our lives this government mind-set is a Super Ego which is literally trying to control everything in the world and again like our personal ego , it has nothing to offer us .

This Super Ego has four main planks to its control of the world . Firstly through the various governments and its power over the Legal systems and financial organizations . Through the legal system it dictates what we can and cannot do and through the financial system it ensures that the vast majority of individuals in this world have meagre financial resources , whilst retaining the vast majority of wealth in its own favoured positions such as Banks and Corporations . Secondly it uses the various religions of the world to tell us how to behave . The Ten Commandments are a very good example of this – if Gordon Brown went up a mountain and returned to 10 Downing Street with tablets from God telling us what to do , I hope that we would be mature enough to tell him where to go ! The Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades are perfect illustrations of this religious zeal to dictate to people how to live their spiritual lives . ' No sex before marriage ' has been another way for the various religions to control us . God , Life or The Universe or whatever your take is on the spiritual never tells us how to lives our lives or what to do . It is only the Ego that does this .

The third string to the bow of the Super Ego is Education . Tony Blairs famous calling for ' Education , Education , Education ' , whilst probably coming from a genuine desire for our children to receive decent schooling , shows us the Super Egos desire to instruct our children as to how to think. Many times , I have heard how important education is as it shows children how to live in this world . This is not true – it shows children how it wants them to live in this world . When we are young we are very impressionable and tend to listen to authority figures and trust them to guide us . The problem is that these various authority figures are caught up in the trap and so the same ideas are passed down from one generation to another . Schools and universities are a main propaganda tool to mould and smooth the personalities of the young as how to think and behave . The last system used , is the Media . Via television , the movies and sports it can subliminally put ideas into people . Our subconscious believes everything it sees to be true and it is only our concious mind that filters the visions that we see . However , by continual media messages through the News , films and entertainment programmes our conscious mind will eventually believe what we are meant to . The other advantage that this propaganda means has is, that whilst watching moving pictures on film we are put into a light hypnotic trance in which we are more suggestible than we would normally be and prolonged viewing will eventually slow down our conscious mind and reduce our cognitive abilities to think for ourselves . This has become a main instrument for the Super Ego to implant what it wants to into our minds .

Like our personal ego , the individuals who work for these organisations have no idea how they are being manipulated and in the main probably feel that they are doing a service for humanity . I used to work for a major UK Bank and , with hindsight , it is amazing how easy it is to get sucked into a certain mind-set but what I found is that the higher up the hierarchy people go , the more they get locked in . It is almost like a form of possession where the mind is given up to the wishes and interest of the organisation and are bribed with financial rewards to keep them in line . At the very top of Government ,Banks, Religions , Education and the Media the individuals are almost totally linked into the Super Ego way of thinking and are only there to serve its interests . The recent Presidential victory of Barack Obama will ultimately be disappointing as he too , is only there to continue its control . It is not concerned with you in the slightest and actually hates you . Everything it does is for itself and is only interested in its survival and power , however shiny and alluring it may seem to be . Over the next few years I expect more and more of the Super Ego to reveal itself to us as the governments of the world will attempt to morph into each other and become more brutal and totalitarian as its resistance to the resurgent spiritual energy that is currently radiating across our world will increase . But do not despair – its end is at hand . It is doomed to die and when it accepts its death , it will be reborn as it is actually the sum of our One Mind . Interesting times are ahead .

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Large Hadron Collider

The Large Hadron Collider was switched on today at 8 am. There is tremendous excitement in the media regarding this event , calling it the Second Big Bang and some scientists have suggested that Black holes could be created which would suck the whole universe into them and destroy all matter . The media seems to love ' End of the World ' stories . However the scale and imagination of the project is impressive , whilst completely ununderstandable to lay people like me , who received a U grade in my Physics O Level . I will cheat and quote from today's Times , which attempts to make sense of it :

' In a tunnel buried 100 metres below ground , on the shores of Lake Geneva , scientists will attempt to thread a stream of sub-atomic particles around a 27 km ( 17 mile ) ring without touching the sides . When the protons snake all the way around the circle , and begin to orbit it more than 11000 times a second , a new eye will have been cast on the nature of everything .

Within a few months , the particle accelerator will start to condense its protons into beams a quarter of the diameter of the human hair , and to fling them together at 99.9999991 per cent of the speed of light .The resulting collisions will generate energy so intense that such conditions have not existed since a trillionth of a second after the Big Bang , throwing sub-atomic debris into vast detectors .These detectors will track and see new particles and perhaps even new dimensions – structural components of the cosmos about which we have been able to guess , but not to know . '

To the vast majority of the human race , this is gobbledegook and we can only sit back and praise the scientists on their incredible intelligence . But there is a flaw in this grand experiment – namely that there is no physical matter . The world we see is not real . The sun , the stars , the moon and the planets do not exist . The computer screen you are looking at , is not there . Everything we observe is imagined ie. it is in our Mind . In fact the one thing that keeps the physical world real to us is the belief that it is real.

It is just the same with Quantum Physics and all micro physics . The scientists are analysing nothing . Our Ego , which sees itself As 'I', rather than the whole of the Universe which we are , urges us to research and analyse the physical , as this keeps us in the prison of addiction to the world . Life cannot be analysed and researched . Our logical , human brain will attempt to do this , but will always fail . Life just is and the more one philosophises on it , the more you come to understand what a huge waste of time it is trying to explain it . In my opinion , the world we see is a symbolic representation of our Mind but no more than that .The ' discoveries ' that come from the Large Hadron Collider , however interesting , will only be figments of our imagination .

Thursday, 4 September 2008

The Holy Grail

The search for the Holy Grail is one of the most enduring spiritual legends and also the subject of one of my favourite films – Monty Python and the Holy Grail. As I understand the story , it was the cup which Jesus used at the Last Supper , but it has become a symbol for the spiritual search.

There is something inside , which pushes us to search for the intangible , which we feel is missing from us .We feel if we could just find it , we would then be complete . The outside world glitters with material wonders and we look to this to fill the hole . Money , relationships and addictions are some of the ' false idols ' we use , but even when these fail we keep on searching .

There is a mistaken idea behind all this searching . There is nothing to search for – Life is the Holy Grail .The world is fine and so is everything within it . Nothing needs changing or adding to – no part of Life is better than the other . You are what you have been searching for and so is everyone else . It may be hard to stomach but your worse enemy is the Holy Grail , even though as they say in Monty Python his mother is a hamster and his father smells of elderberries . You are the end of the search , believe it or not .

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Sympathy for The Devil

I have been struggling with my inner Alf Garnett . Alf Garnett was the leading figure in the 1960s sitcom Til Death Do Us Part , who astounded the nation with his racist , mysoginistic and homophobic ways . He was seen as a bigot but was actually a bewildered man who could not cope with change and ranted against a world he did not recognize any more . Close to where I live , there is a Moslem mosque which causes all sorts of parking problems and when my driveway is blocked by one of the Mosque goers , I feel hate for moslems . When I am cut up by a woman driver , who are getting incredibly aggressive , I feel hate for women . When there is a gay guy in front of me ,holding me up in the supermarket I feel hate for gays . But then the guilt hits me – I shouldn't have these feelings .Society says so . The problem is that we all feel hate – the Moslem hates , women hate and gays hate , but we are supposed not to have these thoughts . We even have Thought Police now telling you what you can and cannot think . It won't work –these feelings cannot be denied and the more they are suppressed the worse the final outcome will be.

Sometimes I wish I was the Devil . He can do whatever he wants – if the Devil wants to smoke in a pub , womanise , swear , get drunk he will do it . But the best part is that he never gets punished . I think we can assume that God is ok with this as the Devil has being going since the beginning of time and nothing has been done about him . He appears to have total freedom – death, destruction , murder . Anything goes . He is guiltless and I feel jealous of this . Guilt is the most pernicious of our ' negative ' feelings .It stops us doing what we want to do and leads to repression and eventual frustration in ourselves and the world .The definition of guiltlessness would be innocence , but in our ' Alice in Wonderland ' world it is supposedly God who sees wrong but the Devil who is innocent .I do not believe in either a literal God or Devil .Our beliefs are topsy turvy – where guilt is good and innocence bad . It is Guilt where all the fear , anger and hate come from . Innocence is where Love comes from .

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

All Our Yesterdays

Everything that we experience through our bodies is the past . Any object that you see takes time to reach your senses through light waves – anything you hear is received by sound waves after a short period of time . This might only take a milli-second for our senses to receive this information , but it is still in the past when your brain decodes this information . This goes for all our senses . We are literally living in the past .

Nostalgia is the sentimental yearning for the past . We mythologise our childhoods and convince ourselves that life was so much better at such and such a time . Again , we are living in the past . Our whole world is in the past . We fantasize about the future , but when we get there it is the past we see .

Philosophers talk about living in the ' Now ' . It is only through our spiritual selves can we actually do this . Our body lives in linear time seeing a past and future , but when we live in the Now , it will push us to think about the future or the past . They do not actually exist . As the old saying goes : Tomorrow never comes . This is most important for our relationships to realise that we are seeing people as they were and not as they are at this moment . We see them through our past experiences and react accordingly . It is only in the present moment , will we be able to see people in their true light and it is only in the present moment will you be able to see your true self.