Tuesday, 30 October 2007

You Will Not Die

The greatest fear any human being faces is death-either of oneself or loved ones. When you are young , death is something that happens to other people but as you grow older your death looms into view . One day you will be separated from everything you hold dear or so it seems.

It seems so unfair . To be born and then to die . What's the point ? Why bother - you might as well just enjoy life as best you can , while you can . Even religion doesn't really seem to help - every time you go into church you are greeted with an image of ' God's only son Jesus ' being horribly crucified on the cross . If that is what god does to his friends , what the hell is going to happen to me . Will I go to hell when I die ? If this is to be my fate , I must have really upset him . I must have sinned badly - maybe I had sex with the wrong person , maybe I should have gone to Church or the Mosque more often . These thoughts are running through your mind whether you are aware of them or not and they all point to the same conclusion - God is our enemy .

That is the bad news - the good news is that you will not die . For want of a better description , you are spirit not your body . When you leave your body , you will remain whole . In fact it is the belief you are a body and that you will die which is the source of all evils in the world and the reason that the world fears God . God could not and would not create anything that would die . Any good parent would never try to harm their children , let alone kill them - God is exactly the same and never wishes any harm to come to anyone. God wants good things for you ,not for you to be in pain .

You may ask why I say that this belief in death causes so many problems . Firstly , it creates subconciously great fear of your fellow man - you do not know who is friend or foe , in case they turn on you and attack you , so you begin to fear life . This has caused great problems in the world as races fear races and war follows . Secondly , our fear of God has blocked God's gifts to the world . All prayers are answered but because of our fear we are not prepared to receive them . They are there , but we cannot literally see them. Because of this the belief in scarcity came to life and the ' dog eat dog ' mentality eventually came to rule the world . If the world lost its fear of God , poverty would disappear overnight . Nobody would mind giving wealth away , if they knew that they could have anything they wanted .

Lastly , the belief in death has created guilt . If God is prepared for us to die , we must have done something really wrong - this is the source of sin . Religion and philosophers have tried to discover what the human race did wrong to incur God's anger . Sex and materialism are the usual suspects . Fortunately this is rubbish . God is not angry with the world at all - God only has love for us . It is guilt which is the source of all negative emotions and causes so called ' sinful actions ' . At a deep level , we feel God is our foe and this leads to a great fear of God . Fear can only be released by the expression of anger , which is either projected outwards onto other people or even onto yourself and can cause suicide , self harming or destructive addictive behaviours . It is the release of this original guilt from the world's psyche that needs to be completed before we can create the world we all desire . For this to happen , we have to give up our belief in Death. NOBODY HAS EVER DIED OR COME TO HARM IN ANY WAY . THERE IS NO DEATH

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