Monday, 24 September 2007

There is no such thing as Society

These were the famous words of Margaret Thatcher , that were much derided . The underlying message of her comments was severe , echoing Norman Tebbit's ' Get on your bike comments ' . It was an attack on benefit culture and a typical Tory attitude of the time demonising ' spongers ' and anybody else they did not approve of .
The interesting point about Mrs Thatcher's remarks is that she was correct . There is no such thing as society-look around you and try and find one . It is actually just a mental concept - my dictionary's description of society is an ' association of persons sharing a common interest or aim ' . In the way , we normally describe it , society does not exist . All that exists are people making different choices and actions . There is no society to blame or congratulate . All that there is , are different people doing whatever people do.
For fourteen years , I had the dubious pleasure of working for Barclays Bank ( actually it wasn't that bad until the bastards took over - lots of wine , women and song made up for the rather mundane nature of the job ) . One thing bugged me though . Who did I really work for ? What was Barclays Bank ? As with Society , the answer was that it was not real . Just because somebody writes down on a paper that something exists and gives it a name , that does not make it real . Literally , it is just words on a paper . Barclays Bank and other companies are just buildings and people working inside them . They are only real in our mind .
If Barclays Bank and Society do not really exist - what else is not real ? Basically , any organisation that you can think of . Schools , the Police , the Army . The list is endless , but the main beneficiary of our mental delusion is the Government . It is just a set of men and women , telling the rest of the population how to live their lives and if we do not agree with them the full force of the Law , will make us comply . ( The Law is another fictional institution . The crown , the courts and councils are only individuals ). Does one individual have the right to tell someone else where to park their cars , to pay taxes or taking it further imprison people or even execute them ? Now , I don't believe in anarchy and am only too aware of what can happen , when there is a vacuum in government , but this profound lack of freedom must be addressed , where a coterie decides for others how they are to conduct their lives . Especially when they do not even exist !
I hope this post has given you food for thought and will return soon with further insights from the recesses of my mind .

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