Thursday, 13 September 2007


In the summer of 2012 ,the Olympic Games will be coming to London . Some are dreading this , whilst others are looking forward to it with anticipation . Personally , I love these type of large sporting events and I am hoping to attend some of these events. However , my real interest in 2012 and the Olympics is of an esoteric nature rather than just my sporting inclinations.

According to the ancient Mayan civilization 21/12/2012 is the date when the current astrological cycle comes to an end , having begun in 3114 BC and nothing is predicted after this time. Some have called this the ' Great Awakening ' and others have a more dire view , seeing it as the End of the World referred to in Revelations with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse striding across the scorched earth , destroying all sinners who are guilty in God's eyes and the pure ( mainly white American Christian fundamentalists ) will rise to heaven . Having been brought up during the 1960's when the Cold War was at its height and lived through the run up to the Millennium and various Jehovah Witnesses proclamations , I am immune to these types of predictions and 2012 was of no interest to me until the news that the Olympics were coming to London.

Apart from this date , what else would connect the London Olympics to the ancient Mayan prophecy . It was when I saw that the hub of the Olympics were going to be in Stratford that I began to think that maybe 2012 is of significance because Stratford is bang on the Meridian - this is the longitude line which crosses the earth vertically-which runs through Greenwich and gives the famous Greenwich Mean Time , from which all time on earth is linked to . All clock times are based on this and depending where you are in the world , the time is connected to Greenwich . It is interesting that both East Grinstead and Lewes in Sussex , which are also on the Meridian are both towns with rather spooky spiritual atmospheres. I can certainly verify this with East Grinstead having gone to school there for 5 years as well as working in the town for 1 year.

So what has this to do with anything ? If you have read my previous posts you may understand my views that our belief in death and body as real are falsehoods. ( I promise after this blog not to mention death for a long time ) . If you follow the theory through , this would mean that Time itself must also be unreal as without birth and death there can be no time . No beginning and no end . My other belief is that death , the ego or the devil ( whatever you like to call it , as it is the same thing ) has its own intelligence , which tries to lock us into this belief system and that Time and the Body are its greatest symbols . Is it possible that the London Olympics , with its emphasis on the glorification of the body and the siting on the Meridian -Greenwich is also being used for a large number of events at the dome -a further attempt to trap us .

What is going to happen in 2012 . I don't know is the honest answer , but it appears to me that it will be significant and London will be at the heart of it . So we'll just have to wait and see -Time Will Tell !

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Chris Fenwick said...

So how will WE write it? Isn't it up to us? How shall it read when we look back on December 21, 2012? We certainly have the elements in place to destroy ourselves. The planet has experienced cataclysmic events in its history - polar shifts, ice ages, etc. No one really knows. What the Mayan’s meant with their End-Count calendar will always be up for speculation. It fires the imagination, for sure. SOooo let's write it like we want it. That is what Chris Fenwick did in the #1 Visionary Novel: "the 100th human." You choose...