Sunday, 9 November 2008

The New World Order

There are a large number of people who believe that there is a world wide conspiracy to create a World government , whose aim is to enslave the global population and create a world similar to Nazi Germany or Stalinist government .In many ways I would agree with this as there appears to be a growing tendency to centralise power far away from the individual with such organisations as the European Union and global corporations who are answerable to no one and can move from one country to another at a moments notice . There is a definite tendency for governments , all over the world , to behave in a more dictatorial way treating their own peoples with suspicion and in some countries as the enemy . The surveillance culture , with the huge number of cameras we now see , and increasing legal powers to spy on e mails and telephone calls are an indication of this paranoid state of mind .

The only real difference I have with the ' conspiracy theorists ' is my belief that the World government has always been with us and that we are only now beginning to see the real picture . A government mind- set has existed since the beginning of this world , with the first example being Moses and the Ten Commandments . In much the same way that we have personal egos , telling us what to do and how to live our lives this government mind-set is a Super Ego which is literally trying to control everything in the world and again like our personal ego , it has nothing to offer us .

This Super Ego has four main planks to its control of the world . Firstly through the various governments and its power over the Legal systems and financial organizations . Through the legal system it dictates what we can and cannot do and through the financial system it ensures that the vast majority of individuals in this world have meagre financial resources , whilst retaining the vast majority of wealth in its own favoured positions such as Banks and Corporations . Secondly it uses the various religions of the world to tell us how to behave . The Ten Commandments are a very good example of this – if Gordon Brown went up a mountain and returned to 10 Downing Street with tablets from God telling us what to do , I hope that we would be mature enough to tell him where to go ! The Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades are perfect illustrations of this religious zeal to dictate to people how to live their spiritual lives . ' No sex before marriage ' has been another way for the various religions to control us . God , Life or The Universe or whatever your take is on the spiritual never tells us how to lives our lives or what to do . It is only the Ego that does this .

The third string to the bow of the Super Ego is Education . Tony Blairs famous calling for ' Education , Education , Education ' , whilst probably coming from a genuine desire for our children to receive decent schooling , shows us the Super Egos desire to instruct our children as to how to think. Many times , I have heard how important education is as it shows children how to live in this world . This is not true – it shows children how it wants them to live in this world . When we are young we are very impressionable and tend to listen to authority figures and trust them to guide us . The problem is that these various authority figures are caught up in the trap and so the same ideas are passed down from one generation to another . Schools and universities are a main propaganda tool to mould and smooth the personalities of the young as how to think and behave . The last system used , is the Media . Via television , the movies and sports it can subliminally put ideas into people . Our subconscious believes everything it sees to be true and it is only our concious mind that filters the visions that we see . However , by continual media messages through the News , films and entertainment programmes our conscious mind will eventually believe what we are meant to . The other advantage that this propaganda means has is, that whilst watching moving pictures on film we are put into a light hypnotic trance in which we are more suggestible than we would normally be and prolonged viewing will eventually slow down our conscious mind and reduce our cognitive abilities to think for ourselves . This has become a main instrument for the Super Ego to implant what it wants to into our minds .

Like our personal ego , the individuals who work for these organisations have no idea how they are being manipulated and in the main probably feel that they are doing a service for humanity . I used to work for a major UK Bank and , with hindsight , it is amazing how easy it is to get sucked into a certain mind-set but what I found is that the higher up the hierarchy people go , the more they get locked in . It is almost like a form of possession where the mind is given up to the wishes and interest of the organisation and are bribed with financial rewards to keep them in line . At the very top of Government ,Banks, Religions , Education and the Media the individuals are almost totally linked into the Super Ego way of thinking and are only there to serve its interests . The recent Presidential victory of Barack Obama will ultimately be disappointing as he too , is only there to continue its control . It is not concerned with you in the slightest and actually hates you . Everything it does is for itself and is only interested in its survival and power , however shiny and alluring it may seem to be . Over the next few years I expect more and more of the Super Ego to reveal itself to us as the governments of the world will attempt to morph into each other and become more brutal and totalitarian as its resistance to the resurgent spiritual energy that is currently radiating across our world will increase . But do not despair – its end is at hand . It is doomed to die and when it accepts its death , it will be reborn as it is actually the sum of our One Mind . Interesting times are ahead .

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