Tuesday, 3 June 2008

All Our Yesterdays

Everything that we experience through our bodies is the past . Any object that you see takes time to reach your senses through light waves – anything you hear is received by sound waves after a short period of time . This might only take a milli-second for our senses to receive this information , but it is still in the past when your brain decodes this information . This goes for all our senses . We are literally living in the past .

Nostalgia is the sentimental yearning for the past . We mythologise our childhoods and convince ourselves that life was so much better at such and such a time . Again , we are living in the past . Our whole world is in the past . We fantasize about the future , but when we get there it is the past we see .

Philosophers talk about living in the ' Now ' . It is only through our spiritual selves can we actually do this . Our body lives in linear time seeing a past and future , but when we live in the Now , it will push us to think about the future or the past . They do not actually exist . As the old saying goes : Tomorrow never comes . This is most important for our relationships to realise that we are seeing people as they were and not as they are at this moment . We see them through our past experiences and react accordingly . It is only in the present moment , will we be able to see people in their true light and it is only in the present moment will you be able to see your true self.

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