Thursday, 4 September 2008

The Holy Grail

The search for the Holy Grail is one of the most enduring spiritual legends and also the subject of one of my favourite films – Monty Python and the Holy Grail. As I understand the story , it was the cup which Jesus used at the Last Supper , but it has become a symbol for the spiritual search.

There is something inside , which pushes us to search for the intangible , which we feel is missing from us .We feel if we could just find it , we would then be complete . The outside world glitters with material wonders and we look to this to fill the hole . Money , relationships and addictions are some of the ' false idols ' we use , but even when these fail we keep on searching .

There is a mistaken idea behind all this searching . There is nothing to search for – Life is the Holy Grail .The world is fine and so is everything within it . Nothing needs changing or adding to – no part of Life is better than the other . You are what you have been searching for and so is everyone else . It may be hard to stomach but your worse enemy is the Holy Grail , even though as they say in Monty Python his mother is a hamster and his father smells of elderberries . You are the end of the search , believe it or not .

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