Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Just Whistle While You Work

"Just whistle while you work

And cheerfully together we can tidy up the place

So hum a merry tune

It won't take long when there's a song to help you get the pay"


I live close to a railway station and every day I see the commuters on their way to work and on their return . It is interesting to observe the exhausted nature of these individuals as they struggle to earn a crust . They look unhappy and full of stress , but there is something within which forces them to get up everyday at some ridiculous time to go and do whatever they do and which over a period of time , they learn to hate .

Why do we do this ? Obviously , our ' survival gene ' plays a large part in this , but there is another element in our personalities which makes us do this . ' Your not here to enjoy yourself , but to work ' is a phrase you may have heard whilst having a light hearted break in your day , but from my observations this is actually how a large percentage of the population view Life . Society looks in favour on those who are continually doing ' things ' . One of the most common put downs is ' You're lazy ' and we are told this from a very early part of our life, as though it was a crime to do what we want to do . In my country , Great Britain , kids are generally packed off to school at the age of five , at the very latest , and many children start a form of schooling at an earlier age to this . From then until you are sixteen or eighteen you stay in school and then , either , go straight to work or go onto Higher Education of some sort to learn even more .You will then remain in work until you are sixty five , when you are allowed to retire and receive your pension and again there is talk of increasing the retirement age up to seventy or seventy five . So basically , all the best years of your life are spent working at something that you would probably not have done if you had the choice . This is complete and utter madness .

You are not meant ' to do ' but to LIVE . The Meaning of Life is to Live . You cannot , but live . You are not going to die , but our Ego tells us that we will and we need to work . This a world of abundance , but we refuse to see it and live our lives complaining we do not have enough . This is , also, one of the Ego's little tricks . There is Enough . Life is Enough , but we believe otherwise . There must be something more , we say to ourselves , but this is all there is . Deep down we know this and it is more than satisfactory – it is brilliant and wonderful , but while we listen to our Ego's siren voices we will always be disappointed . Anyway , have a nice day at work .

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