Monday, 12 November 2007

The Mummy Returns

Mary Magdalene in the Cave

Tutenkhamen's Death Mask
Two recent events have captured my attention and have drawn my thoughts towards a happening prophesied by my more spiritually minded friends . Some of them have been obsessed by the re-emergence of ' The Divine Female Energy ' for want of a better phrase.The first event was the public showing of Tutenkhamen's mummified body in Egypt. The phrase ' The Mummy Returns ' kept swirling around my mind ( hence the title ) and as one thought can lead to another I started thinking about my friends belief . For those who are symbolically minded the Mummy refers to this female energy as a maternal reference rather than that of a ghoulish figure from the ancient past !

The second event does not have the same humerous overtones , unfortunately . I refer to the brutal , horrendous murder in Perugia , Italy of Meredith Kercher . This beautiful young girl , at first glance , would appear to be the victim of a random act by unhinged minds . By all accounts , Meredith was an intelligent , fun loving girl looking to have an interesting time whilst she was in Italy . At present , the details of her murder are rather hazy , but I can take a good guess that the unconcious motive for the assault was hatred of her innocence and beauty . For some reason the male psyche , which is present in both men and women , hates this female energy and tries to control and suppress it and in Meredith's Kercher case kill her .

One of the most well known psychological archetypes is the Madonna / Whore . Society approves of the Madonna part of this equation but when it comes to the Whore it is a whole different story . Female sexuality has never really been accepted by either men or women - the phrases slut and tart spring to mind . The recent media frenzy surrounding Kate McCann is symbolic to me of this. A sexy , intelligent woman is never accepted for long . The press liked the Mumsy part , but has problems coping with her innate sexuality . The underlying theme is She is Guilty , but I suspect this has more to do with the way she looks than anything else . Another interesting example is Britney Spears . Whilst she played the Virgin role she was approved of and even applauded for her remarks about preserving her virginity , but since it has become obvious she is not whiter than white the knives have been out for her . Even in politics this can be seen . In Pakistan , Benazir Bhutto's return has been welcomed by a suicide bombing and a return to martial law . In the USA Hilary Clinton was ganged up on by her presidential rivals ( all male ) in a televised debate . Again , both good looking women . In the UK , I felt the hatred for Margaret Thatcher has always been because she is a woman . As an aside President Mitterand was smitten by her , but mind you he was French.
This misogony and fear of female sexuality is most obvious in religion . The Madonna / Whore archetype is best represented by the two Marys in Christianity. The first is the Virgin Mary , who is venerated and worshipped , mainly because she was supposedly ' untainted and pure ' and the other , Mary Magdalene has been airbrushed out of history , being denigrated as a prositute . The New Testament gives us few glimpses of this Mary , but points to a larger part in the whole Jesus story than has been acknowledged . I would love to be able to investigate the Vatican archives to view the ' deleted scenes ' . But whatever the truth , the message is plain : Female sex bad and female no sex good . In Islam women are veiled and covered so as not to inflame us poor men - I have been inflamed a few times and nobody seems to have got hurt ! In both religions , as well as Judaism , priests are mainly men ( a notable exception being the Church of England ) . Again , this is an attempt to suppress this female energy , as well as being deeply insulting to women , implying that they are second class citizens in God's eyes and not as spiritually advanced as men.
But what signs are there that change is happening ? The most obvious pointers are the rise of women in the workplace and the sudden materialization of gay men in society - another sure sign of this female force at work . Other indicators are the emergence of women in the top posts in governments eg Margaret Thatcher , Angela Merkel , Hilary Clinton and in popular culture there is a more equitable spread of the rewards - Girl Power etc. The ordination of women in the Anglican Church is another indication.
What does this mean to us , poor unfortunate men . As the archetypal Nazi in the old films used to say Resistance is Useless . Our old patriarchal way of the world is ending . I look upon these religions and male based governments as King Canute floundering in the waves , desperately trying to control what they cannot control. The more resistance there is , the more painful it will be and the waves will get higher . The Mummy is definitely returning .

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