Monday, 26 November 2007

Coincidence ?

COINCIDENCE: Concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection .

Everyone of us , I would imagine , has experienced strange events from time to time when a coincidence occurs and you have a ' What are the chances of that ' moment. A recent coincidence happened to me , whilst reading Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. I had left the television on and after five minutes perusal of the book , I glanced up to see that there was a programme discussing ' Just a Minute ' , a radio series , which concentrated on the subject of time . If you have read DGHDA you will know that the main subject is time . The following programme after that had an interview with the author Douglas Adams again talking about time . The very next morning I looked in the newspaper and the first item I saw was that a new radio series of DGHDA was to start the following day !

Another coincidence happened to a friend and work colleague when I worked for a company who sold semi precious stones mainly to the new age market . One day she was approached by a customer who told her that an angel was standing by her - a bit weird you may think . About half an hour later she mentioned this to another customer who told her it was pink . Another customer then came in and said it wasn't just one angel , but there were two ! After all this Kathy was a bit frazzled but imagine her surprise when the song ' There's an Angel playing with my Heart ' by the Eurythmics came on the radio - she freaked out .

I could probably give you another hundred examples but what is behind these coincidences ? To be honest I don't really know and am not going to argue with those who say they are just quirks . They may be correct .

When one of these strange events happen to a new age friend of mine they normally remark ' I wonder what it means ' . But what if it doesn't mean anything . I wonder sometimes whether our minds are similar to the Google Search Engine . If our minds do create our reality , maybe this explains this phenomenon . When I was reading my book maybe this started the Search Engine and produced the TV programme and radio series .Maybe Kathy's concentration on angels at the time somehow made the radio play her song .

If this hypothesis is true , what would this mean on a worldwide scale . Could it be that many of our myths and legends are produced by ourselves ? Once the first person has seen a UFO , whether real or not , the concentration on this subject in the media could then start the Search Engine which produces UFOs all over the world . The same for The Loch Ness Monster , Bigfoot or Vampires !

But if this theory is genuine , those who control the media outlets would have enormous power over our lives .The obsession of the media for bad news sinks into our psyches , leaving the world depressed and fearful . It can be no coincidence that the preponderance of violent films and computer games have left the youths of the world desensitised and that there has been a spike in major crime everywhere . Or is it that our focus on these matters actually causes these events to happen , in a freaky metaphysical way , and the upshot of this is the world we see . Is the current obsession with climate change actually going to help to cause it ? If we fear something , does our fixation bring this to happen ?

As I said earlier , I am not sure and am sorry that I cannot give a definitive answer. But maybe the world is stranger than it seems at first glance .

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