Tuesday, 26 February 2008

How do you plead ?

There have been two recent court cases in the news which have caught my attention.The trials of Steve Wright for the murders of five prostitutes in Ipswich and of Levi Bellfield in London for the murders of two other women are extreme examples of the hatred for the feminine in the world . They trigger feelings of revulsion for the two accused and there have been calls for the return of the death penalty .In our eyes they are guilty and have been sentenced to prison for life and both of them will probably never see the outside of a prison again . But it is only our view of them not the view of God ,Life or the Universe ( whatever your decription is ) .

It is only humans who dispense ' justice ' . One of the principal questions in religion is : Why does shit happen and why does God let it happen ? Some religions say that there is justice and evildoers will go to Hell or one will receive Karma if not in this life , in the next one . Neither of these two theories seem particularly truthful to me . If God wanted to dispense some form of retaliatory judgement I do not think he would wait – it would be immediate and would be commensurate with the crime . 'An eye for an eye , a tooth for a tooth . ' But our experience shows that there is no divine revenge . Some of the most heinous crimes in the world go unpunished .Many mass murderers die in their sleep without any punishment and in government circles , one will probably receive promotion and be feted as a hero .

So why is this ? My view is that the Universe sees Life differently to us .The world is a bit like Mr Magoo without his glasses – we don't see the whole picture . I suspect that God does not even see pain , death or disease . Our feelings of guilt , fear , hate etc do not even exist , as God could not conceive of such things . I also suspect that we have this same vision , but that it is clouded by our imaginary view of Life . These events are only occuring in our mind –they are not real . If the world was real , they would be terrible , but we are caught in a nightmare of our own making . The World needs to go to an optician !

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