Sunday, 20 January 2008

Just go away

From today's Observer : " Airport –style metal detectors will be installed at hundreds of school gates under sweeping measures to confront the growing problem of teenage knife crime . Senior police officers and head teachers have persuaded Jacqui Smith , the Home Secretary , that their effectiveness in tackling knife crime outweighs any concerns over pupil privacy . " This government has become increasingly authoritarian and puritanical . Their normal excuse for enacting these type of policies is to protect the public from these exaggerated threats . From the banning of photographs at school plays , to the restrictions placed on demonstrations and the introduction of Identity cards , the core reason for these reactions is power and control . The government wants to control the public and is its raison d'etre . Underneath its shiny and smily façade , there is a cruel and ruthless determination to hold onto this power as anybody who has ever had dealings with government bureaucracy will testify . We do not need them any more – I feel the world has evolved to a point where it is perfectly able to make its own decisions and live how it wants . To all you mini Hitlers and Mussolini's – just sod off and go away .

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